MYOB Exo and Advanced Training

EXOBIZ offers a range of classroom-based training on MYOB Exo and Advanced.

These training courses are designed to ensure that you and your staff are using the software to its fullest potential. Our classroom facilities allow you to concentrate away from your office to provide hands-on experience with MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced for Business.

Our Trainers

Each course is delivered by an experienced Implementation/Training Consultant that has had relevant real-world experience. It is not just reading from a book! Our trainers will help guide you and your team through the software in a fun and engaging way.

With our courses, we supply the attendees with course material to take away from the session. We can also provide catering for our full and half day classroom training sessions.

Get up to speed on MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced and enquire today for our courses, rates and locations!

Training and Support

Exo Headstart

To Get You Ahead of the Game

When you need to do more than just get ahead – you need a Headstart. The Exo Headstart training courses provide the knowledge needed for successful use of MYOB Exo.

training - Exo Headstart

How you know if you are suited for our Exo Headstart courses

  • You have recently looked into integrating the MYOB Exo package to your business but you’re needing to learn more about the software.
  • You have recently chosen the MYOB Exo package to be your business management solution but would love to learn more about the software.
  • Your business just implemented MYOB Exo but currently don’t feel you are getting enough value out of MYOB Exo. Exobiz can show you how to use the software to maximise your business’ management potential.
  • MYOB Exo has been a software your business has been using for quite some time. However, it’s been a while since your last refresher. Let us show you some new and cool stuff!
  • You feel that a lot of money you are spending on support could be better spent on internal training for your staff – We’ll have our expert trainers upskill your team.
  • Some of your newer staff require training – – never fear we are here