Nutri-tech solutions

Nutri-Tech, based north of Brisbane, are specialists in ‘Nutrition Farming’®

who had previously used MYOB Premier, before progressing to what became an unreliable higher level accounting software system. Due to data corruption and other system anomalies apparent in this new system, they decided to be more critical in their search for a replacement that met their criteria and budget. MYOB EXO Business was able to meet Nutri-Tech’s requirements for foreign currency, intercompany databases, bills of material, reporting capabilities, reliable data export and maintaining valid historical data.

Nutri-Tech’s implementation was commenced with urgency due to the risk of losing historical data in their current system. The unusual circumstances of the implementation did not prevent Nutri-Tech from trading as usual, and EXOBIZ Services were described by Nutri-Tech as saving them from disaster.  The staff at Nutri-Tech, despite the pressure of adapting to a new system at short notice, found EXO Business easy to use with minimal training.

When the implementation was finalised, Nutri-Tech immediately noticed that the system was much faster, flexible and more reliable than the previous. The system was further enhanced by EXOBIZ being readily available for on-going support and product customisation where required.