Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is regularly used term but what is it?

In very simple terms, Enterprise Resource Planning is a suite of integrated applications that allows businesses to manage their processes. When implemented properly processes become more streamlined and automated saving businesses significant time and money across many functions. Because of the broad scope and flexibility of ERP systems, the same ERP system can deliver a completely different solution from one business to the next.

The beauty of ERP is that you can choose the applications that are relevant to your business and customise many components to maximise your investment. Furthermore, ERP systems are built in a way that as your business grows, your solution design can grow and develop also.

At EXOBIZ our role as a MYOB Platinum Partner is to successfully implement and provide ongoing support for MYOB’s ERP platform being MYOB EXO Business and MYOB Advanced. Because of the breadth and depth of MYOB EXO Business and MYOB Advanced, we generally find that growing businesses who are struggling with their current system can find an appropriate solution with us through a tailored suite of integrated products to meet their specific business needs.

Now that you understand what ERP is, does your business need it?

Whether you have an existing ERP or are using small business products, growing businesses investigating ERP solutions are generally facing common challenges.

If you think about your current processes, how much time would your staff spend on duplicate effort, waiting for your data to load or recovering from system crashes? An example commonly seen is growing business with the same or similar data spread across multiple systems, all performing different functions.

Often there is little or no integration so data is handled many times so it can be accessible to staff and used across multiple functions such as accounts, sales and manufacturing. An ERP suite brings the multiple functions into one integrated system that is using the same data, essentially allowing your business to run more efficiently.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

A report is required meaning the accounts team need to extract data out of the various systems in use across the business. Then they need to collate it in excel and spend hours manipulating and formatting the data into a report. This alone can take several hours spanning over one or more days.

Let’s say that totals eight hours for one report. If this kind of work was required every week for various reporting requirements that accumulates to 416 hours a year. Then quantify that with a cost of $30 per hour and the business is spending over $12, 000 a year! It may seem extreme however businesses are often not aware of the time required to complete various tasks and the financial impact that may be having. If we can help remove or minimise this one manual task with easier customised reporting out of your integrated ERP solution then you can immediately see the potential return on investment for the business; and this is only one example!

In summary, in its most basic form an ERP system will bring core business functionality into one concise, integrated system that will save time, money and stress for you and your business. Just imagine what you could do with your time if your processes became more efficient…

Are you still unsure if your business is at the point where it needs an ERP system? At no cost EXOBIZ is more than happy to discuss your business requirements and see how MYOB EXO Business or MYOB Advanced could benefit your business.

Call or email us on 07 3390 4900 or email sales@exobiz.com.au to speak with us further. We can also arrange a product demonstration either onsite or at our office so you can see the product for yourself.

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