The EXO Payroll 2016.01 Compliance Release is now available for download.

The 2016.01 release contains compliance updates for the 2016/2017 payroll year. This release can be installed prior to 1 July 2016; compliance changes are not activated in the product until the relevant date. The 2016.01 release also includes new features for setting up test companies, updates to the Employee List and Pay List windows, and fixes to issues identified in previous releases.

We stress that you please read the 2016.01 Compliance Release Notes here. Also feel free to contact us for a copy of our Payroll End of Year Checklist and Payroll Reconciliation documents to help you through the end of year processes.

The system will cater for the transition of both financial years, allowing greater flexibility and opportunity in implementing the new compliance release. The new changes will then automatically operate depending on the financial year the physical pay date falls within.

New features also include:

  • Ability to setup a test company
  • Updates to the Pay List and Employee List
  • Historical Records
  • Report Updates including Pay Sheet Report and Pay Summary Report options
  • Updates to Pay Classes

If you require help with updating your software online or reconciling your payroll, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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