EXOBIZ are pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of MYOB EXO Business 2016.2.

MYOB have continued their enhancements of MYOB EXO Business in this latest version release with many of the new features being driven by customer feedback. The main inclusions of this release are:

  • Automated scheduled batch posting to the General Ledger
  • New Purchase Order Grid
  • Ability to hide Inactive and Zero amounts selection on GL Trial Balance Tree screen and printed report
  • Currency Symbols now appear against many screens if Foreign Currency is being used
  • Enhancements to speed up Roll End of Period and Works Order Processing tasks
  • Standard Business Reporting on Construction Industry Taxable Payments (New Zealand clients have had SBR added for GST Reporting also)

The highlighted inclusion of this release is the most exciting MYOB EXO Business enhancement in some time. Since enhancements were made to the sales order entry screen clients have been eagerly awaiting the same enhancements in the purchase order entry screen. Finally the wait is over!

These enhancements include:

  • Upgrade to the grid in the Order Details section allowing you to copy and paste, hide\show and re-order columns, add Extra Fields to the grid and use search templates.
  • Select multiple rows and right click for options e.g. Copy and then paste to Excel for editing and then paste back into the grid. You can select the whole grid using Ctrl + A.
  • Using Stock Search Templates when searching from the Purchase Orders window.

MYOB have stated that the purchase order grid enhancement was ‘the single most requested feature based on user community feedback’ and we are sure that clients who upgrade will enjoy the new flexibility they have when entering purchase orders.

To take advantage of these new features you will need to request an upgrade to this 2016.2. Please contact us for more information by phoning or emailing us at:

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3390 4900