MYOB EXO Business 8.7 was released on 20 November.

It is an exciting new development for clients who use Job Costing. There is a more comprehensive methodology for handling detailed work in progress alongside tight perpetual stock control with detailed cost of goods analysis – ideal for companies who sell stock combined with jobbing or project work. For existing users, it brings the progress billing method into mainstream job processing, so that invoices can be produced and revenue recorded based on a job quote; costs can then be tracked in detail by allocating them to the original quote.

The new Business Alerts feature allows you to set rules to control transaction entry conditions in real time and deliver alerts via email. Naturally, this is highly extensible for partners to configure for each clients specific requirements.

Widget Management

Module Visibility and Menu Assignments now Multi-select and setup through “Setup Widgets”.
New sub heading “Widgets” in Drop Down menu Setup to make widget management easier.

Support for Windows Aero

All exe files can be run with the /AERO flag after them to run native to Windows 7 (or later) Aero themes Flip and Peek etc.

EXO Alerts in application alert feature to control your workflow exceptions

  • Can block, warn or capture events as they happen and then email to staff
  • Emails can include hyperlinks to open relevant records using EXO Protocols
  • Selectively applied to staff as nominated

Major new features include the following:

  • Improved Job Costing progress billing and cost allocation mechanisms allowing for greater detail and analysis
  • Roll-ups of sub jobs to the master job and processing actions that apply to the rolled-up data
  • Improved job costing analytics and context sensitive dashboards
  • Support for operating job costing together with perpetual inventory
  • Accounting for work in progress for inventory and non-inventory items in the balance sheet
  • A new credit note process for jobs that reverses the originating job transactions
  • The new business alerts platform that allows partners to configure rules against key transaction forms to monitor the data entry and either prevent save, warn on save or email a user when a breach of business logic occurs
  • The new EXO email service which monitors an EVENTS table in the database for potential events that require emailing and processes those emails
  • Direct entry of GL codes on to debtor invoices (excluding POS)
  • New control types for extra fields in all transaction EXO grids (drop down selections, dates, checkboxes etc.)
  • The new EXO Business Education Centre aims to ensure users of EXO can find help or advice on any relevant topic by providing a portal accessible from the help menu or as a business flow tab (in 8.7 new installs only) that accesses a growing range of content