The focus of the 8.5 release of EXO Business is on increasing compliance with accounting standards, to make MYOB EXO Business easier to use for you and your Accountant.

Major new features include:

A new module the EXO Accountant’s Assistant

Driven by a set of comprehensive yet customisable accounting process flows, this new module provides you and your accountant with an intuitive and easy-to-use portal to the accounting functions of EXO Business.

Addition of new widgets

A collection of new financial widgets can now be added to dashboards anywhere in the EXO Business system. A new type of Dashboard widget the Checklist widget, displays a structured list of items to be checked off as part of a process.

Improved sales order supply screen

The Sales order supply screen has been redesigned with a simplified and modern interface. The ability to automatically populate has also been added, making the supply process quicker and easier for users.

Other changes include extensive improvements to Foreign Exchange (FX) processes, reduced General Ledger (GL) posting complexity, GL Writer and Clarity reports enhancements, improvements to retrospective reporting functions and the ability to enter custom SQL in the Query Designer.