Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides a single entry point for all your organisation information and streamlines the many individual processes that your team current utilises to manage customer relations.

EBS CRM has been developed by EXOBIZ in consultation with hundreds of MYOB EXO Business users, and delivers a user friendly, yet flexible interface. This fully integrated solution has direct access to the MYOB EXO Business database which makes the information available throughout the organisation.

Providing easy access to Prospects, Customers and Contacts managing Opportunity Quotes, EXO Quotes and EXO Sales Orders in order to customise your workflow efficiencies. The improved functionality of this module empowers your Sales and Support team to more efficiently track and manages your business processes as well as promotional and marketing campaigns. Used by hundreds of users in a variety of businesses, EBS CRM can also be enhanced by our own in house development team to further refine your needs as required.


  • All information is stored in the MYOB EXO Business database allowing fully integrated live information there is no synchronisation or file import/export required.
  • Prospects can be converted to debtors with a click of the button, which is simultaneously updated in EXO Business. This includes all previously recorded notes, contacts and history notes.
  • History note type and category tagging, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval by users across different departments in your organisation. Activity based reporting can then further enhance this feature to allow a top level view of the key events as well as conversations that are taking place in your business.
  • Opportunities can be converted into an EXO Quote or EXO Sales Order.
  • Action Lists allows follow up tasks to be assigned to users and manage the status.
  • Appointments and Tasks can be assigned to staff members, which can link with their Outlook calendar.
  • Dashboard Reporting allows you to publish graphical and grid information.
  • Sales History Available via a ‘Quick History’ tab for Customers in all versions.
  • Quick Pick ordering is also available in EBS CRM Plus Sales allowing you to order directly from the previous Sales History report.
  • Campaigns can be recorded in CRM. Information regarding budgeted costs, actual cost and expected costs are available for real time analysis.
  • Reports including popular Sales Analysis, Customer Report Wizard and a CRM only Report Writer for creating new or customising existing reports that have been created.
  • Visual Analysis allows a rapid drill down to key master file reporting. For example find out which users purchased what items in the last 12 months and then create an action list to follow up for customer service.

EBS CRM also integrates with EBS Mobile to provide a complete Sales solution for your team.

EBS CRM is available with three (3) different versions to ensure that each team member receives only the software functionality required for their tasks. Prices as Annual Licence Fee only, from $1 per day EBS CRM is the solution that ensures all business information is managed centrally.

To discover the full potential of EBS CRM, contact us for a demonstration today. If you have specific requirements, our team of developers can customise the software for you. EBS CRM allows you to focus on your most important asset – your customers – without compromising the day to day operations of your business.