MYOB has announced its highly anticipated release – 2016.3! This release delivers over twenty of the most requested enhancements registered and voted for on the Exo Business ideas portal together with a new look and feel user interface. Below are some of the highlighted features.

Theme and Window Function

The most obvious change in 2016.3 is the rebranding of the whole suite of products with MYOB’S new logo and colouring. The icons have been removed from the menus at the top providing more room within the main workflow screen. (Note that the old theme icons are still available if preferred).

Additionally, the new Windows Aero theme provides a more modern interface which also supports Aero Flip and Peek features, including ALT+TAB, CNTL+TAB and WINDOWS+TAB, to access open windows easily. A Window menu is now available from the top menu allowing users to see the open windows within the program and select a window to bring to the front. The interface has also been updated to resize proportionally to the window size.

Business Alerts

Updates to Exo Business Alerts now allow for a wider range of events including new event categories for master records including:

  • Save Debtor
  • Save Creditor
  • Save Non-Account
  • Save Contact
  • Save Stock Item
  • Save GL Account
  • Save Serviceable Unit

There are also new parameters that can be used when creating alerts. A list of these parameters can be found in the release notes here. The Business Alerts screen has also been redesigned to group events into sections including Transactions, Accounts and Job Costing.

ABN Verification

Australian companies can now verify ABN numbers entered against Debtor and Creditor accounts using an online MYOB service. This feature can be customised using a profile to determine what accounts types the function operates for. The options are:

  • None (does not verify ABNs)
  • Debtors only
  • Creditors only
  • Debtors and Creditors (default setting)

General new features – see release notes for more detail

The amount of Extra Fields available for a table has been increased from 24 to 38 for most tables. Tables that are only accessed by the Exo API have been increased to 100.

When using the ‘?’ wildcard searching for stock the Stock Search window will always open. This previously did not happen if the code was matched exactly. To avoid this, do not use the ‘?’ wildcard in front of the stock code.

The Integrated Cashbook now supports more than 200 rows (200 rows was the limit in previous versions). By default, 200 rows are populated in the screen however you can add more by pressing the down arrow on the last row. The Options column now also contains and Edit button for Expense and Income transactions where GST details for the line can be edited.

The GL Report Writer now has more options available in the setup options for percentage based columns.

The Geo Location update window has been reorganised to make it more compact and has features that allow you to ensure that fine-tuned addresses are matched to geolocation data.

A new profile allows the ability to configure a session idle timeout based on minutes the session has been inactive. The timeout minutes can be specified e.g. 15 minutes and if a session is inactive for that time and exceeds the specified value a warning message will appear. The user than has 60 seconds to cancel. If they do not cancel they will be logged out and any unsaved changes will be lost.

The NZ GST Return function can now include provisional tax information and options.

If you would like more information about upgrading MYOB Exo please contact us on 07 3390 4900 or email