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  • Can you convert our existing system data across?
    • We have converted data from a variety of software packages and there is little restriction on what can be done. Many systems today utilise a Microsoft SQL database which makes the process quite structured for our experienced team to extract transaction history to build your new database. We often find that clients also wish to ‘clean up’ their data when converting to the new system and we can also accommodate this process.

  • How long will the implementation take?
    • Typically an implentation will span approximately six to eight weeks from commencement to Go Live however each customer’s requirements are different which gives rise to variables that change the implementation timeline. Our project coordinator will review your requirements with you and discuss a suitable time frame for your implementation.

      If you have more complex requirements then the implementation may extend to allow additional time for training and testing. Ultimately, the goal is to provide you with a solution that meets your requirements and the implementation process is a balancing act of constantly assessing those requirements and liaisng with you to determine what is achievable in the time frame allowed.

  • Do I need to run my old system parallel to the new one?
    • EXOBIZ does not recommend that you perform a parallel run throughout your implementation. Our implementation methodology will give you the opportunity to test transactions prior to Go Live to ensure that your data entry and subsequent reporting is accurate. Additionally, parallel runs can double the workload of your staff who are already facing the added pressure of learning a new system and adapting to change. Our aim is to implement a solution that can provide opportunities for more efficient and streamlined processes, with as little stress as possible.

  • Who provides ongoing support?
    • EXOBIZ as your MYOB Platinum partner are your first line of support. We can support you over the remotely via phone and email, assist you on your computer using remote access software as required and also schedule onsite assistance if needed. Post implementation we offer a variety of support plans to suit your current and future needs and budget. Offering an excellent service to our customers is our number one priority and we are constantly reviewing our processes to improve the service we provide.

  • What if I need a report that is not standard?
    • EXOBIZ has experts in custom report writing. You can provide us with the information you require and the format you would like it in so an estimate can be provided on the time required to complete the report. We can also offer you the training required to use the inbuilt report writers that come standard with MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced. Alternatively, advanced users may wish to attend training on using Clarity to write custom reports, however this can be complex and takes time to learn.

  • How do I get trained?
    • As part of our implementation process we will conduct onsite and/or remote training with all relevant personnel within your business to ensure that you are well versed in the product. We can also conduct individual or group training in the future to cover new features being used or new recruits.

  • Is training done on site?
    • Training can be offered in groups or one on one sessions in the following of ways including:

      1. Onsite at your office
      2. At EXOBIZ’s office in Murrarie or
      3. Remotely over the phone using TeamViewer to share screens

      We aim to cater to all of client’s needs and being flexible with training arrangements is key to a successfull implementation and ongoing support.

  • Are manuals provided with the system?
    • A complete and comprehensive range of user guides and online help is made available to you as part of the system. When using MYOB Exo you can also press F1 to open a web page with information on the specific window you have open. EXOBIZ also has some specific documentation on certain processes to assist you.

  • How long will the new ERP system last?
    • The MYOB ERP solutions will cater to your business growth and evolution for many years into the future. We have some clients who have been using the solutions for the past ten years and continuing. New features are released regularly each year with added features and enhancements.

  • I have an ecommerce webstore. Can it be linked to my new ERP system?
    • One of our many specialities is website integration. We have a variety of skills and tools available and have many clients that we have worked with to successfully connect their website to their MYOB ERP system. We have experience with a number of webstores such as Magento, Neto, Webninja, etc.

  • I have some specialist third party software that I would like to integrate with my new ERP system.
    • The MYOB ERP systems we provide are very flexible with the ability to integrate with other database systems. This can be as part of the initial ERP system implementation process, or as future requirement. We are also happy to work with other software vendor developers to ensure a successful outcome. We have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

  • I already have MYOB AccountRight. Can you convert my data?
    • Our EXOBIZ Development team have created an in house program which allows us to migrate your data from your current AccountRight file into your new Exo or Advanced database. The benefit for you is that you retain all of your transaction history instead of having to start with opening balances and use your old system for historical information. Although, please note that this is only done for financial data and not for historical Payroll data. Any Payroll reports for prior financial years would have to be generated out of your old system. However, once you move to Exo or Advanced and Payroll, you do not lose history as you move forward. Everything you have ever entered into these systems is available forever.

  • How long should I keep my current software running?
    • Each software vendor has its own licencing arrangements which make it possible and/or financially viable to retain access to your current software. Usually you would only need to access your current software for a minimal period of time as reprinting of historical documents may need to be done from your old system. You also may need to ensure you have access to historical payroll information and reports until you are past the five year mark in using Exo or Advanced and therefore have access to data needed for legislative compliance.