Don Kibble Drawing Office Supplies Pty Ltd is a Gold Coast based specialist printer

for the construction industry who had previously used the DOS based version of the accounting software system Accpac. During the demonstration of MYOB EXO Business, they were shown that the product met their particular business. As MYOB EXO is a fully integrated system, it allows all staff to access real time information relating to the debtor, creditor and stock sub ledgers and the general ledger while other users are in the system. The important requirements provided by EXO Business for Don Kibble were the extensive reporting options available, plus they have unique and varied pricing policies which could be easily implemented and maintained.

As with any change, there can be initial teething problems as people adapt to the unknown. However, within a few months the staff of Don Kibble found the system ‘surprisingly simple to use’, and the time now taken for various processes was drastically reduced. They were also impressed with the support provided by the EXOBIZ Services team and with their varied expertise ensured that even the “curve ball” questions could be answered.

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