DGR Global: mining company strikes paydirt with Advanced.

DGR Global operates in the exploration phase of the mining lifecycle, turning mining opportunities into fully self-sufficient companies. The result is as many as 70 interlinked entities in multiple jurisdictions, with some listed on the Australian, London or Toronto stock exchanges. With MYOB Advanced, DGR has dramatically improved data visibility and reclaimed at least 240 workhours a month.

CFO Priy Jayasuriya describes mining resources company DGR Global as a mother who cares for her dozens of little companies, all needing help to grow.

While their previous software, MYOB AccountRight, had served them well, it was beginning to be unwieldy, meaning the team was “spending inordinate amounts of time just producing month-end reports.”

For Priy’s team, ERP would let them access easier, more timely reporting so they could step off their “hamster wheel” and actually analyse data.

DGR rejected Pronto and Dynamics because they “weren’t as intuitive to use.” The larger ERPs – Oracle and SAP – were too expensive, with overly complicated functionality for this “cash-burn entity.”

MYOB Advanced delivered the right functionality, usability and cost-benefit ratio. Moving from another MYOB product was also a plus. “It meant the move didn’t seem as daunting,” he explains. “We were just going from MYOB to MYOB.”

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