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EXOBIZ Software Products


EBS BUSINESS ALERTS allows you to keep on top of what is happening in your business with automated alerts

Alerts can be set up to automatically email the nominated contacts of a specified event. We can work with your management team to design the events that matter most to your business, how to effectively capture that event in MYOB EXO Business and who to notify when this event occurs. See some examples below.

KPI Reporting for management is always a time consuming task for your administration staff. EBS Business Alerts together with MYOB EXO Business reporting can deliver these reports directly to your nominated email address at a predefined date/time.


EBS Business Alerts Features
Email Notification
MYOB EXO Business Reason Class Events
MYOB EXO Database Event Notification
Schedule existing Clarity Reports or create new ones
Schedule a Quick Report Query of MYOB EXO Database
Fully Customised to your business and your requirements
Secure report delivery to the nominated email address
Fast and efficient delivery of reports without user interaction


EXO Reason Class Events
Customer Stop Credit flag changed
Customer Active flag changed
Customer Price changed
Customer Discount changed
Sales Order Deleted or Cancelled
Sales Order Short or Over Supplied
Sales Order Quotation Lost
Sales Order Set On Hold
Sales Order Cleared On Hold
Customer Credit Note
Customer Invoice Edited
Negative Stock Encountered
Stock Item Inactive
Manual Stock Sale entered
Manual Stock Receipt entered
Manual Stock Transfer entered
Manual Stock Adjust Out
Manual Stock Adjust In
Manual Stock Average Cost
Stock Take - Receipt
Stock Take - Adjust In (no cost)
Stock Take - Adjust Out
Supplier Stop Credit
Supplier Active flag changed
Supplier Payment Details Changed
Supplier Discount changed
Supplier Cost changed
Supplier Credit Note
Create your custom event today!



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EBS POWERPACK is a collection of tools that allow you to get more productivity out of your MYOB EXO including:

1. Creditor Remittances
Reprint / Email / Fax Creditor Remittances in your clarity format

2. Debtor Invoices
Batch Print / Email / Fax Debtor invoices

3. Debtor Statements
Batch Print / Email / Fax Debtor statements

4. Email Overdue Customer
Remind your customers that their invoices are overdue easily. Customise your messages to them based on how overdue their account is

5. Overdue Fees
Charge late paying customers an overdue fee. List all accounts with overdue balances and select which ones to charge an overdue fee. This can be based on either a percentage or a set amount

6. Stock Transfers
Stock transfers between warehouses with in-transit reporting and delivery docket



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EBS MOBILE APP is a web-based application that allows you to connect with your MYOB EXO database from a handheld mobile device. It empowers you with access to a variety of functions including creating sales orders, quotes, searching customers, products and more.


Access from Anywhere, Anytime (via the Internet)

Screenshots (Stock & Debtors)

Search Stock Items
View Stock Item Card
Search Debtors
View Debtor Card

More Information

1. Designed from the ground up to be touch screen friendly
All screens feature large buttons and intuitive screens - we've really made it easy so you can access the information you want.

2. Fast transaction flow 
Transactions are completed with a minimum of screen presses.

3. Easy to use
It is designed so your staff can pick it up quickly with a minimum of training. User interface is intuitive.

4. Incorporates MYOB EXO Pricing Policies
All driven from MYOB EXO's pricing policies so your customers can still be entitled to their custom pricing from the Mobile App.

5. Customisations
We are happy to develop custom modifications to the Mobile App and are actively adding new features on an ongoing basis.

Feature Comparison

EBS Mobile Features Mobile Plus

Create MYOB EXO® Quote and Sales Orders

Sales Order Narrative, Due Date, Customer Order Number

Select / Change Delivery Address

Line Narrative, Line Discount and Price change

MYOB EXO® Best Price Policy Supported

Email Order Confirmation & Invoices

View Customer Account and Contacts Details

Enter Important Information into Notes, History Notes

Display Invoices listing and details of items purchased

Quick Sales History of all items purchased in the last 6 months

Debtor extra fields, turnover and aged balances

Optional - Users see their own debtors or managed debtors only

Product Details, Extra Fields, Min / Max Quantity, Pack Size, Sell Prices

Stock Availability Physical, Committed, Incoming and Free Stock

Option to link product to an existing website page / display image

Sales Order Line OFFLINE mode for Poor Internet Coverage Areas

Supports iPhone, iPad and many tablet devices with selected browsers1

Create New Customers, Prospects & Contacts directly into MYOB EXO®

Alternate Stockcode & Barcode scanning support2

Support 2D Barcode scanning for new Debtors / Contact creation

Publish MYOB EXO® Clarity Reports to be run and sent via email PDF

1. Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera currently supported.
2. Note barcode scanner required.



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EBS REPORTS is a module that provides a selection of popular style reports that can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel without the need for Clarity.

EBS Reports allows you to customize the data to be presented via the selection of different options within an easy to use graphical interface, enhancing your reporting ability alongside the Clarity reporting function within MYOB Exo.

A wide variety of reports are available for Sales, Stock, Debtors and Creditors, all with customsiable selections and the ability to save templates for easy regular use. EXOBIZ can also enhance existing reports and add additional reports in the future without the need to get heavily involved in the report designing of Clarity.

Some example reports are shown below:






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Sales Orders

  • Customise and extend your Sales Order screen
  • Back to back ordering - Create purchase orders from a sales order
  • Show previous sales overview on sales order screen
  • Batch printing of Sales Orders
  • On The Fly Builds
  • Create new orders based on back ordered items
  • Add notes back to the customer directly from the sales order screen
  • Minimise switching between sales order screen and customer screens
  • Customisable additional details
  • Quick Pick Item Extras - Select items to add to a sales order based on previous sales

Telemarketing Call Lists

  • Create customizable call schedules
  • Create Sales orders from call list screen
  • Reschedule calls on the fly


  • Extended Bill of Materials / Works order functionality
  • Extra fields in BOMS / Works Orders
  • Multi-Level BOMs -BOM's made up from other BOM's and other normal stock items.
  • Interactive build options - build screen can record actual time taken and actual produced to give more accurate wastage reports.



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EBS WEB is a web based interface built to accompany MYOB EXO opens up a whole new level of additional value to add to your company. 

Having an online web shop working directly with MYOB EXO means your customers can browse through your product listing, place items in their shopping cart for purchase later, checkout and create sales orders.More over they would have the ability to track and monitor their sales orders, and update their account details all online.

Or if they are not already an existing user in your system they can register then and there straight on the website. And all of this data will be readily available back in your MYOB EXO system for you. So effectively, introducing a web based interface to compliment MYOB EXO opens up a whole new world of high value features to offer to your customers (existing and new).

This web based interface, which is engineered specifically for your MYOB EXO system, automatically syncs data back and forth from MYOB EXO. This means that it will dynamically display the data for the whole world to see 24-7. And inevitably, to an extent this means a reduction in admin overheads, because certain data entry tasks of things like sales orders and entering of new customer details etc has already been done for you by the user on the website.

Phone call queries may also be reduced as customers will be able to find answers to their own queries directly on the website (in the form of the FAQs page or on other relevant pages). The web shop will become your customer's first point of reference when it comes to finding information about what products you have on offer.

Example Websites




Web Integration

Do you already have a website and are simply seeking to integrate to your MYOB ERP? 

Popular standalone website solutions such as Magento or Neto can be integrated based on your business requirements for B2B or B2C.  Alternatively if you have a custom website our team are happy to review options available to complete your integration requirements.

Expand your business and automate your processes with MYOB EXO Web Integration.

You can read more information about web integration here.


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EBS CRM boasts extensive contact management, sales and marketing automation all in one package that fully integrates to accounts and inventory data. Get up and running quickly with minimal investments.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with MYOB EXO Business
  • Create Opportunity Quotes & Convert to Sales Orders
  • Live Outlook Integration for Email, Tasks & Appointments
  • Manage all business contacts and prospects in one place
  • MYOB EXO Contacts, Debtors & Non-Accounts
  • Dashboards, Reporting and Visual Analysis Tools
  • Advertising Campaign Management
  • Full MYOB EXO Inventory Integration
  • Export information to MS EXCEL
  • Smart User Profiles to Manage User Access Levels

Comparison of Version Features

CRM Features



Manage all business contacts and prospects in the one place
Outlook Integration
Create & Manage Action Lists, Appointments and Tasks
Create & Manage Opportunity Quotes
Convert Opportunity Quotes to MYOB EXO Quotes / Sales Order
Manage Campaigns
Export Information to MS EXCEL
Onscreen Visual Analysis Reporting
Quick Pick - Preview Only - No Ordering can be made from this screen
Customer Sales History - Fixed format for history values
Create and Maintain Reports- Report Designer - either Clarity or Report Builder
View Reports Browser - either Clarity or Report Builder reports
Create and Maintain Dashboard
Debtor Account Screen (Financial Information)
Report Wizard (Coming Soon)  
Create & Open EXO Quote / Sales Orders  
Quick Pick Functionality - including Order History and Reorder  
Maintain Stock Items  
Setup Extra Tables  
Setup Extra Fields  
Setup MYOB EXO Special Pricing  


EBS POS for MYOB EXO and EBS POS for MYOB Advanced

Download PDF Brochure      
EBS POS is a touch screen point of sale system which enabled fast, easy sale entry.It can be run using full touch screen or keyboard but it is designed around touch screen.

1. Designed from the ground up to be touch screen friendly
All screens feature large buttons and there are very few situations where you will be reaching for your keyboard

2. Fast transaction flow
Transactions are completed with a minimum of key presses. Items can be sold using barcodes, menu shifts and\or hot keys

3. Easy to use
It is designed so your staff can pick it up quickly with a minimum of training. the user interface is intuitive and can be customised with several menu layered menus

4. Offline POS option
You can have your terminals running independently of the server. This means you can run your terminals in a different building / country without having to worry about the internet going down

5. Mix and Match pricing
Along with using MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced pricing policies we also have retail based mix and match pricing. For example buy 2 items in a stock group and get a discount or a 3rd item for free

6. Vouchers
You can print your own vouchers or use preprinted voucher cards

7. POS Specific reporting
We have reports designed specifically for the POS industry. These include hourly sales, staff specific sales, sales statistics including number of no sales, voids, refunds, etc

8. Laybys
We have specific layby design including the minimum % deposit, layby length, etc

9. Customisations
We are happy to develop custom modifications to our POS and are actively adding new features on an ongoing basis

10. Integrates to MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced
EBS POS now has two versions.  One integrates to MYOB EXO and the other integrates to MYOB Advanced.  Most of the POS functionality overlaps but there are specificfeatures that more closely align with the appropriate product.



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support and development

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